Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Mass Murder has always been politically acceptable

War is the Health of the State” wrote Randolph Bourne in 1918.  Ever wonder what it means?  

Gary North wrote extensively about what he called the Great Default, a time when government could no longer kick the can on financing its wealth-depleting welfare/warfare state.  He cites a 1999 book by former CFR president Peter G. Peterson, Gray Dawn: How the coming age will transform America—and the world, in which Peterson writes:

Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and federal civilian and military pensions -- will exceed total federal revenues by the year 2030. This would leave zero tax revenue for any other purpose -- not even for interest payments not for national defense nor for education nor for child health, nor for the federal payroll. Not a penny available for anything else.

Politicians have long ignored unavoidable doom because cutting benefits or raising taxes are politically toxic.  Yet the problems won’t go away.  What’s a scheming politician to do?

Cut the number of beneficiaries

In 2019 they came up with a plan, Event 201.  To this day most people either don’t know about it or consider it another conspiracy theory.  What if a bug, a virus, wiped out a significant number of old people?  Wouldn’t that ease the stress on the welfare state, at least delay its collapse?  

Further, what if this bug really wasn’t terribly lethal — let’s not kill the “wrong” people, for God’s sake — but could be promoted as on a par with the Spanish Flu?  Surely that would scare the devil out of those who trust government pronouncements.  And to make it more lethal, what if the health care systems could be incentivized to deliver “solutions” that killed on their own?  (See here, too.). Let the treatments do the killing.  

And what if authorities went further by banning or discouraging early treatments that might have precluded the need for a warp speed, poorly-tested vaccine?   Such early treatments to include not just hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, but supplements such as vitamins D, C, melatonin, and zinc?  (See here for D.) Further yet, what if major social media companies could be “persuaded” to censor distinguished medical researchers who tried to expose the fraud for what it was?  

And what if the politicians got into the act by imposing restrictions on behavior as a means of fighting this terrible virus?  What if the restrictions included not only lockdowns, masks, and social distancing, but the closing of “non-essential” businesses, the determination of which would be left to their corrupt judgment and which would include gyms and churches?

What if, as the deaths and injuries piled up, public health reps and the media ignored or downplayed the incriminating statistics in public databases such as VAERS?

And what if, as the vaccines were rolled out prematurely, those who refused the vaccine were demonized as threats to the established order?  What if only the vaccinated were allowed the freedom to board airplanes or cross borders, or hold government jobs?  What if unvaccinated people, including health care workers who were on the front lines fighting the virus before vaccines were available, were condemned as “anti-vaxers” and fired from their jobs?

What if the vaccinated started to die suddenly, and the deaths from all causes far exceeded previous years?  Would people continue to believe the vaccines were “safe and effective”?  Would they continue to leave those beliefs unexamined and await further orders from the bureaucrats?

Yes, because major institutions they trust and dare not contradict, such as government schools, the FDA, CDC, AMA, even the NFL, et al would still be demanding obedience to the narrative.  Exercise due diligence?  What’s that?

All this and more is unthinkable among people who still regard reason as their means of survival.  But even irrationality sometimes has a decipherable logic, which in the case of the virus is: For each person who dies it is one less body off government’s back.  If enough die government might be fiscally solvent, assuming the survivors continue to pay taxes.  Biden’s new IRS army will help ensure they do.  

War to the rescue

Weaponizing a virus might not kill enough people the globalists want, however.  An old-fashion shooting war might be added to augment the population reduction.

The “greatest” US presidents are those in office during war — Lincoln, Wilson, FDR.  Never mind the astronomical death tolls on both sides of the conflicts, and never mind they had a hand in starting the wars.  Biden is rightly blamed for pulling out of Afghanistan in such a way that 13 servicemen lost their lives.   But Lincoln is regarded as a saint for causing the deaths of as many as 850,000 Americans.  And for what purpose?  Read Lincoln's first inaugural address.  And while we’re enraged over the 13 lives lost in Afghanistan, what about the rest of the 2,000-plus Americans who died there?  And the Afghans who died?   

The US deep state pours money and arms into the conflict in Ukraine, while keeping a watchful eye on Taiwan, hoping for something bigger — perhaps much bigger (here and here) — to come out of it.  If only government can find a way to get astronomical body counts, as happened in the two world wars!

If that happens Biden may someday be regarded by any surviving experts as the greatest US president because he presided over nuclear Armageddon. 


George Ford Smith is a former mainframe and PC programmer and technology instructor, the author of eight books including a novel about a renegade Fed chairman (Flight of the Barbarous Relic), a filmmaker (Do Not Consent), and an advocate of stateless market government.  He eagerly welcomes speaking engagements and can be reached at gfs543@icloud.com. s


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Or, as Josef Stalin liked to say, "No man, no problem."

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