Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Could the US pass a physical?

"One of the differences between people and dogs,” according to Senator John Kennedy, “is that dogs would never allow the weakest or the dumbest to lead the pack.”

In the case of leader Joe Biden those qualities are exactly what his handlers want. 

There are many Americans who see Biden and his party as simply the latest installment of a pro-American government, even if they don’t particularly like it.  Nothing wrong here.  America is just taking a few different turns.  FDR did it with the New Deal, JFK had his New Frontier.  The Woke program is much the same. Turn America upside down — for its own good.  Ignore the yahoos who slam it.

In medicine there are standards of good health.  If all the measures check out, all’s well.  Can we do the same with government?  

Let’s start at the top.  Does the current resident of the White House inspire confidence?  Answer: No, not even among his own party.  The FJB chant at college football games suggests younger people are not sold on the “liberal new order,” either.  

How about the second in command should the president die or have been declared unfit for the job?  Would she be a strong leader?  Answer: No.  Who among us, regardless of political persuasion, would cast a vote for her competence to lead a superpower?  For reminders, see here and here

How about the economy?  Is it at least holding steady?  Is the outlook encouraging?  Are we producing products and services people want to buy and have the means to do the buying?  Answer: No.  We’re headed for the worst disaster in American history.  See here and here.

In connection with the preceding, how does the US dollar look?  Keep in mind the “dollar” is a fiat instrument exclusively produced by a government-supported cartel, the Federal Reserve.  Do the best and the brightest at the Fed issue new dollars according to validated economic principles? Answer: Of course not.  The Fed exists for two purposes — to buy government debt and ensure the solvency of the major banks.  Its alleged purpose, on which it has failed spectacularly and could only fail spectacularly, is to ensure price stability and keep the economy from falling into depression.  The Fed is even worse than the IRS because most people have no idea what it does.  (See here.)

And what it has done and continues doing is steal purchasing power from the holders of dollars, and by discouraging real savings turned the capital markets into a crapshoot. A warmongering government couldn’t get along without it.

Has the US worked to promote peace among nations and within its own borders?  Answer: Hell no.   The proxy war in Ukraine, like all wars, is murderous and costly, and threatens to become a nuclear apocalypse.  US warmongers are calling for the Putin regime’s destruction even if it means launching nuclear-armed ICBMs.  Do they know Russia has new ICBMs, the R-28 SARMAT aka Satan II, that can elude US missile defense systems and wipe out major cities in North America?  Are they seeking to validate a popular hypothesis of the Fermi paradox, that intelligent life tends to destroy itself through stupidity?  Have their evil intentions evolved into full-blown insanity?  See Col. Doug MacGregor’s comments here.  See Saagar’s Breaking Points here.

And with the recent sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines, US leaders have moved us even closer to a nuclear nightmare.

Every country has military recruiting ads not only to get young people to sign up but to put on a show for the rest of the world to see. China and Russia run ads showing the strength of their fighting forces — who would want to mess with them?  And the US?  View it and weep.

The causes of street crime are many and in addition to a soft-on-selective-criminals approach (here, here, and here) likely include the influence of a government at war with its population.  States are fundamentally exploiters of the people they rule.  Inasmuch as a state acquires its revenue through threat of violence, it thereby defines itself as an exploiter.  

But in the US there was once no income tax, no federal reserve, no wars, gently declining prices, and the greatest era of prosperity ever achieved: The latter part of the 19th century.  Judging by that standard what do we have today? 

Today, capping over a century of government meddling, we have Biden’s Orwellian Inflation Reduction Act that flatly won’t reduce inflation while releasing an additional 75,000 armed and trained IRS agents on middle-income Americans.  Just guessing at their logic: more tax revenue means less debt means less printing means less inflation.  And as a bonus, more agents means more jobs.

None of this comports with reality, of course, since inflation keeps the house of cards standing, and despite its recent rate hikes the Fed will print, print, print until the economy implodes, at which point those new IRS agents will join the National Guard trying to control the streets.  The government gets what it wants with force, why are we surprised when everyday people do the same?

Political fitness doesn’t include weaponizing government agencies, since in theory we are supposed to be a country of laws bound by the Constitution.  But theory be damned: It’s Republican hunting season.  As Senator Kennedy quipped about the raid at Mar-a-Lago, “The FBI and the Department of Justice are going to give Trump a fair and impartial firing squad.”  See here, here, here, and here.

To be in good health means respecting the Bill of Rights, particularly the First and Second Amendments.  Under the current regime First Amendment rights don’t include spreading misinformation, which on inspection turns out to be anything that conflicts with the regime’s pronouncements, the most egregious of which is the vaccines are safe and effective (here, here, here, here, here, here, and here).  

Of course, the Second Amendment simply has to go.  We can’t have civilized people pulling their guns on government agents raiding their homes or stopping them at fast food joints

All these political ailments and many more (border disaster, war on unvaccinated, climate change tyranny; also see here and here.) come together in one carefully crafted plan that features a one-world government and a population significantly reduced through pandemic restrictions and treatments (including suppressed treatments).  

This is clearly a conspiracy, and it’s all theirs (and see here).   

As Lara Logan explained, “It's not just America's sovereignty that's on the chopping block, it's sovereignty all over the world . . . This is the country that has to fall first in order for the other countries to fall.” (My emphasis; also see this.)

Government is promoting every possible anti-life policy it can get away with.  We are a long way from good health.

Yet, there are good reasons for optimism.  Remember, “A man doesn’t lose when he gets knocked down but when he don’t get up.” (Mel Gibson, Father Stu).  

Here’s someone who never got knocked down, a brave young girl, Fiona LaShalls, who looked them straight in the eye and told them straight where to go.  

George Ford Smith is a former mainframe and PC programmer and technology instructor, the author of eight books including a novel about a renegade Fed chairman (Flight of the Barbarous Relic), a filmmaker (Do Not Consent), and an advocate of stateless market government.  He eagerly welcomes speaking engagements and can be reached at 

Friday, September 9, 2022

The Story of the Fed is the Story of a Crime

“The magnitude by which [the reality of the Federal Reserve] deviates from the accepted myth,” writes G. Edward Griffin, “is so great that, for most people, it simply is beyond credibility.”  But as he makes abundantly clear in his landmark book, The Creature From Jekyll Island, now in its fifth edition, the case against the Fed is overwhelming. 

Creature, as Griffin explains, is four books in one: a crash-course in money and banking; a history of central banking in America; a discussion of the Fed itself and its role in American and world affairs; and finally, a detailed look at how the Fed and other central banks become “catalysts for war.”  

Without central banking, much of the carnage of the past 108 years would not have been possible.  

In November 1910 seven men representing roughly one-fourth of the world’s wealth took a clandestine train ride from New Jersey to a resort on Jekyll Island, Georgia, ostensibly to hunt ducks.  But instead of shooting birds they drew up plans for a state-privileged cartel, which served as the blueprint for the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. 

For years, most people left the Jekyll Island tale for the fringe that loves conspiracy theories.  But gradually the story leaked out, beginning with an article by Bertie Charles Forbes, the future founder of Forbes Magazine, in Leslie’s Weekly in 1916 (excerpted here).  Following discussions with Paul Warburg, the Fed’s chief architect and one of the Jekyll attendees, Forbes confirmed the trip in his opening paragraphs.  Later writers, including some of those in attendance at Jekyll Island, corroborated Forbes’ story.  The secret trip of 1910, long considered the delusions of conspiracy theorists, was openly celebrated in 2010 by Bernanke & company.

Why did they want a cartel?  So they could practice fractional reserve banking with impunity, while shifting the negative consequences to the public.

The American people, of course, have been handed a thoroughly scrubbed version of the Fed: it exists to stabilize the economy and protect the public.  Never mind the crashes in ’21 and ’29, the Great Depression from ’29 to ’39; recessions in ’53, ’57, ’69, ’75, and ’81; another crash in ’87, a bear market in 2000 that wiped out $7 trillion in stock market wealth by 2003, the global meltdown of 2007-2008, and constant inflation eating away the buying power of the dollar. 

As economist Antony Sutton noted, “Warburg’s revolutionary plan to get American society to go to work for Wall Street was astonishingly simple . . . The Federal Reserve System is a legal private monopoly of the money supply operated for the benefit of the few under the guise of protecting and promoting the public interest.”

Griffin is detailed and clear about how the Fed works.  In the old days when governments wanted more money but were afraid to increase taxes, they printed it and forced citizens to accept it by making it legal tender.  It was too crude a scheme to fool most people, but now, with modern central banking, the theft is virtually imperceptible.

First, government doesn’t create money directly; its central bank does.  Second, the bank rarely needs to turn to the printing presses.  Instead, it often buys government debt, such as bonds, by writing a check.   “There is no money to back up this check,” Griffin explains.  “By calling those bonds ‘reserves,’ the Fed then uses them as the base for creating nine additional dollars for every dollar created for the bonds themselves.  The money created for the bonds is spent by the government, whereas the money created on top of those bonds is the source of all the bank loans made to the nation’s businesses and individuals . . .

“The bottom line is that Congress and the banking cartel have entered into a partnership in which the cartel has the privilege of collecting interest on money which it creates out of nothing . . . Congress, on the other hand, has access to unlimited funding without having to tell the voters their taxes are being raised through the process of inflation.” 

Government’s money tree

What might government do with such “unlimited funding”?

As Murray Rothbard has noted, the country had been in recession during 1913 and 1914 – high unemployment, with many factories operating at only 60% capacity.   The Morgan empire in particular had been losing money in railroads and had lost out to Kuhn-Loeb in the market for industrial finance.

The Morgans had always been closely connected to the Rothschild financial empire in Europe.  When war in Europe broke out, the House of Morgan, in partnership with the Rothschilds, became the American sales agent for English and French war bonds.  When the money came back to the States to acquire war-related materials, it was funneled through Morgan as the U.S. purchase agent.  From 1915 to 1917, J. P. Morgan arranged for $3 billion in exports to France and England, earning a commission of $30 million.  As historian Thomas Fleming has dryly noted, the U.S. became a branch of the British armament industry during the first 32 months of its neutrality.

But it was a precarious feast.  If the Allies should lose, American investors would sustain huge losses and Morgan’s business would nosedive.  Getting the U.S. into the war would extend the financial windfall, but the American public opposed involvement by ten to one, if Senator Robert La Follette, who delivered a scathing speech in the Senate opposing U.S. entry into the war, is to be believed.

In May 1915 the British passenger ship Lusitania gave war hopefuls a much-needed boost.  Nearly 1,200 passengers, including 128 Americans, lost their lives when a German U-boat torpedoed it off the coast of Ireland.  With its hold stuffed with U.S. munitions contraband, the Lusitania exploded a second time and sank in less than 18 minutes.  As Griffin documents meticulously, British and American officials had done severything in their power to make Lusitania a sitting duck.

With Morgan-controlled newspapers beating the drums for American participation, Wilson finally got his war on April 6, 1917.  Eight days later Congress extended $1 billion in credit to the Allies.  The British took their initial advance of $200 million and paid it to Morgan.  When they ran up an overdraft of $400 million three months later, Morgan turned to the U.S. Treasury for help.  Treasury-Secretary William McAdoo stalled until Benjamin Strong, the Fed’s main man, came to his rescue and paid Morgan piecemeal during 1917 - 1918.  Where did Strong get the money?  He simply created it.

The income tax, also enacted in 1913, raised $1 billion during World War I.  But seventy per cent of the cost of the war came from inflation, through a doubling of the money supply.  As Rothbard understates, “For those who believe that U.S. entry into World War I was one of the most disastrous events . . . in the twentieth century, the facilitating of U.S. entry into the war is scarcely a major point in favor of the Federal Reserve.”  In addition to grabbing wealth through direct taxes, government, in collusion with the Fed, took roughly one-half of the people’s savings from 1915 – 1920.  

Griffin lifts the curtain on the Fed’s operations and exposes it for what it is: a counterfeiting cartel in partnership with government, soaking the blood and treasure of our country.


The preceding is adapted from my book, The Jolly Roger Dollar -- and the pirates who made it.

George Ford Smith is a former mainframe and PC programmer and technology instructor, the author of eight books including a novel about a renegade Fed chairman (Flight of the Barbarous Relic), a filmmaker (Do Not Consent), and an advocate of stateless market government.  He eagerly welcomes speaking engagements and can be reached at 

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Mass Murder has always been politically acceptable

War is the Health of the State” wrote Randolph Bourne in 1918.  Ever wonder what it means?  

Gary North wrote extensively about what he called the Great Default, a time when government could no longer kick the can on financing its wealth-depleting welfare/warfare state.  He cites a 1999 book by former CFR president Peter G. Peterson, Gray Dawn: How the coming age will transform America—and the world, in which Peterson writes:

Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and federal civilian and military pensions -- will exceed total federal revenues by the year 2030. This would leave zero tax revenue for any other purpose -- not even for interest payments not for national defense nor for education nor for child health, nor for the federal payroll. Not a penny available for anything else.

Politicians have long ignored unavoidable doom because cutting benefits or raising taxes are politically toxic.  Yet the problems won’t go away.  What’s a scheming politician to do?

Cut the number of beneficiaries

In 2019 they came up with a plan, Event 201.  To this day most people either don’t know about it or consider it another conspiracy theory.  What if a bug, a virus, wiped out a significant number of old people?  Wouldn’t that ease the stress on the welfare state, at least delay its collapse?  

Further, what if this bug really wasn’t terribly lethal — let’s not kill the “wrong” people, for God’s sake — but could be promoted as on a par with the Spanish Flu?  Surely that would scare the devil out of those who trust government pronouncements.  And to make it more lethal, what if the health care systems could be incentivized to deliver “solutions” that killed on their own?  (See here, too.). Let the treatments do the killing.  

And what if authorities went further by banning or discouraging early treatments that might have precluded the need for a warp speed, poorly-tested vaccine?   Such early treatments to include not just hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, but supplements such as vitamins D, C, melatonin, and zinc?  (See here for D.) Further yet, what if major social media companies could be “persuaded” to censor distinguished medical researchers who tried to expose the fraud for what it was?  

And what if the politicians got into the act by imposing restrictions on behavior as a means of fighting this terrible virus?  What if the restrictions included not only lockdowns, masks, and social distancing, but the closing of “non-essential” businesses, the determination of which would be left to their corrupt judgment and which would include gyms and churches?

What if, as the deaths and injuries piled up, public health reps and the media ignored or downplayed the incriminating statistics in public databases such as VAERS?

And what if, as the vaccines were rolled out prematurely, those who refused the vaccine were demonized as threats to the established order?  What if only the vaccinated were allowed the freedom to board airplanes or cross borders, or hold government jobs?  What if unvaccinated people, including health care workers who were on the front lines fighting the virus before vaccines were available, were condemned as “anti-vaxers” and fired from their jobs?

What if the vaccinated started to die suddenly, and the deaths from all causes far exceeded previous years?  Would people continue to believe the vaccines were “safe and effective”?  Would they continue to leave those beliefs unexamined and await further orders from the bureaucrats?

Yes, because major institutions they trust and dare not contradict, such as government schools, the FDA, CDC, AMA, even the NFL, et al would still be demanding obedience to the narrative.  Exercise due diligence?  What’s that?

All this and more is unthinkable among people who still regard reason as their means of survival.  But even irrationality sometimes has a decipherable logic, which in the case of the virus is: For each person who dies it is one less body off government’s back.  If enough die government might be fiscally solvent, assuming the survivors continue to pay taxes.  Biden’s new IRS army will help ensure they do.  

War to the rescue

Weaponizing a virus might not kill enough people the globalists want, however.  An old-fashion shooting war might be added to augment the population reduction.

The “greatest” US presidents are those in office during war — Lincoln, Wilson, FDR.  Never mind the astronomical death tolls on both sides of the conflicts, and never mind they had a hand in starting the wars.  Biden is rightly blamed for pulling out of Afghanistan in such a way that 13 servicemen lost their lives.   But Lincoln is regarded as a saint for causing the deaths of as many as 850,000 Americans.  And for what purpose?  Read Lincoln's first inaugural address.  And while we’re enraged over the 13 lives lost in Afghanistan, what about the rest of the 2,000-plus Americans who died there?  And the Afghans who died?   

The US deep state pours money and arms into the conflict in Ukraine, while keeping a watchful eye on Taiwan, hoping for something bigger — perhaps much bigger (here and here) — to come out of it.  If only government can find a way to get astronomical body counts, as happened in the two world wars!

If that happens Biden may someday be regarded by any surviving experts as the greatest US president because he presided over nuclear Armageddon. 


George Ford Smith is a former mainframe and PC programmer and technology instructor, the author of eight books including a novel about a renegade Fed chairman (Flight of the Barbarous Relic), a filmmaker (Do Not Consent), and an advocate of stateless market government.  He eagerly welcomes speaking engagements and can be reached at s


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