Monday, January 3, 2022

What will 2022 bring? You decide.

Some people always want to know what the future will bring, as if it’s a mysterious package waiting to be delivered.  

What awaits them are pretty much the doings of the same people they have allowed to govern their lives, all their lives, but especially the last two years. 

Based on the incriminating VAERS data that long ago should have voided the vaccines, along with the incredible, global push to keep them going in defiance of the facts, especially the campaign to jab kids, coupled with the attack on cheap, effective, safe alternatives, as well as the censorship of “misinformation” spreaders such as the inventor of the mRNA technology used in the vaccines, Dr. Robert Malone, we are in the thick of an ongoing mass murder campaign in which the goal is to kill as many of us as possible while subjecting the survivors to something like China’s social credit system.

Our future is either death or slavery if we don't fight back.

Meanwhile, there will be more of anything that promises big revenues, such as Big Pharma-patented drugs, re-education camp construction and staffing, government boondoggles highlighted by war, and counterfeit money issued by the central bank viewed as legitimate because it’s alleged to keep the economy churning and government solvent.

Will there be prosperity?  Will you, in particular, get richer? If central bankers are your close friends, you can count on it for the time being.  Since the Fed exists to protect the biggest banks through counterfeiting, you can ride that wave even if you’re not a banker, at least until reality reduces the dollar to something suitable for lining bird cages and litter boxes but not much else.

But if you’re not friends with Jerome and his buddies on the FOMC, you might find your prosperity hurting.  When was the last time you could put money in a savings account and expect it to earn interest?  Better yet, when did you ever hold onto the official money of the realm and have it rise in value?  When people held gold or silver coins it was not only natural, but common to increase in purchasing power.  Is that called deflation, the ultimate forbidden word among bankers?  As an outgrowth of barter, money, in an advanced economy, will rise in purchasing power because nature provides a limited amount of it.  If nature lets us down we find something else to use for money, if the “we” are people who use it everyday rather than powerful special interests who impose it on us at the point of a gun.

The further problem with the Fed is the role in plays in our lives.  It is a systemic disease but is regarded as an absolutely necessary part of the economy.  Without it wars and welfare would be paid for directly from taxes.  Imagine how puny those wars would be.  Among economic majors who took their academic interest to the doctoral level, you might find policy criticism but not fundamental criticism.  On fundamentals, the Fed is a bloodsucker, a vampire, as all counterfeiters are.  But this counterfeiter is special: It’s been granted monopoly privilege from the government.  The money it prints is the country’s money, and all others are prosecuted to the hilt.  Other than government itself, it's impossible to find a more lucrative racket.   But aside from Austrian economists this view of the Federal Reserve System, emanating from a secret meeting of big bankers and a politician in 1910 at Morgan’s Jekyll Island hunting resort, is regarded as the epitome of delusional conspiracy.  In other words, don’t even think about ending the Fed.

But really, think about it.  Think hard about it.

I said the Fed is a systemic disease, affecting morals, truth, language, and everything else.  How could governments lock people in their homes and shut down their businesses without it?  Where did all those covid relief checks come from?  And what happened to the people who didn’t get one?  Big Pharma owns the FDA, as the Fed owns the economics profession.  No economist dares call it a counterfeiter, other than Austrians and students such as me.  The Fed has made war and conflict a seemingly natural condition of mankind.  It gives people such as AOC the impression that money is a matter of will not reality, that its supply is infinite.  The US Deep State that Truman birthed in 1947 wants to make the US the most dangerous brute, ever, and the federal reserve Wilson signed into law two days before Christmas 1913 has made that statist dream possible.  

People regard the Fed as a mystery, and it was meant to be that way.  Like Fauci’s whopper about the vaccine, the Fed claims to provide the country with a currency that is safe and effective.  But people sense something is wrong with both.  If the vaccine is safe, why has it killed over 20,000 people?  Why is it kept on the market and promoted when the H1N1 vaccine in 1976 was pulled after 32 deaths?  Why are health care professionals reprimanded for reporting problems to VAERS?  If it’s effective why are the vaccinated filling hospital beds?  If the Fed’s money is safe and effective, why has it dwindled in value to almost zero?  If Fed money is safe why did the Fed’s monetary policy of the 1920s end with a Crash?  

But none of it has to be this way.  Don’t worry so much about the next election.  Elections only promote more of the same.  Think beyond the political process.  Keep the free market alive.  As Mises has written, capitalism — the free market — delivers the goods.  Rothbard and others believe it can deliver goods of all kinds, including the ones believed to be the exclusive domain of governments: Courts and defense.  Devote your energy to replacing the criminal gang called government with the market — the free market — and you’ll be building the foundation for a prosperous and peaceful society.  

If you wait for it to happen you’ll get what they give you, and it won’t be freedom.


George Ford Smith is the author of nine books, including The Flight of the Barbarous Relic, a novel about a renegade Fed chairman.  He is also a filmmaker whose works include Do Not Consent- Think OUTSIDE the voting booth, Last Day, and Risky Pinch Hitter. See his BitChute channel for mostly banned videos.


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