Saturday, April 10, 2021

Madness 2020 has a solution

Do any solutions exist for the accelerating breakdown of Western society, and in particular the United States?

Everything that comes to pass that is alien to the woke, state-controlled push for complete state control will be ignored, punished, or twisted to represent the dying remnants of our shameful history.

Defenders of the free market and its cultural underpinnings have no play in academia or the controlled media.  To the extent it is even mentioned, the free market -- often interchanged with "capitalism" -- was an invention of racist whites who saw a clever way of amassing obscene profits by subjugating the poor.  Fortunately for civilization, as Marxists believe, the capitalist system contains within itself the seeds of its own destruction.  

Capitalism has always raised the living standards of countries whose governments permitted it to operate and has eliminated many evils but not the one that counts the most: The State.  As Mises tells us, capitalism delivers the goods.  But apparently it can't deliver goods such as justice and national defense.  It is thus that the legitimacy of the state is seen as axiomatic among free market defenders; we need it and the only question is how much.  Though constitutions limit state expansion to some extent -- war notwithstanding -- it's been the US voting public and its craven wish for safety and free lunches that have raised the state to the status of God.  

It was the state acting as God that shut down the economies in response to a virus with a 99% survival rate for those 70 or under, and nearly 95% for the rest.  It was the state acting as God that issued mandates about masks and lockdowns.  Those defying the mandates were few, as expected, because most people believe this state-deity really is looking out for their well-being.  Besides, they don't know a thing about viruses, vaccines, immunity, or vitamin D.   They have to trust experts, and the ones they see on TV have assured them the evil virus won't get them if they snap to state orders.  And besides, they're mostly spineless and given to inertia.

But the clincher has been the helicopter drops. Only an all-powerful deity could vanquish economic law and provide money out of nowhere that actually buys things for the millions of drop-ees that have been prohibited from going to work.  Their trust in the state's good intentions has been cauterized for all time and will only slightly be shaken when the roof finally collapses.  (See Dr. Robert Murphy's essay on Modern Monetary Theory for those who think deficit spending has no limits.)  

Even if the 2020 presidential election had been honest, direct political action would be futile.  Elections are a state exercise.  We cannot vote to disband the state.  As Gary North has written, "Forget About the White House. Only One House Matters: Pratt House." (membership required)  Pratt House has been the headquarters of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) since 1921.  "The voters get a choice every four years: CFR Team A or CFR Team B. Team B is whichever party is not occupying the White House."

Yet eliminating the state -- not to be confused with government -- desperately needs to be done to allow the free market to work.  (For details see my movie Do Not Consent.) We are wretched slaves under any other system.  Worse, our progeny will be slaves, and they will forever hate us for our failure to take action.

No matter how invulnerable a regime is to a legal frontal assault, as the US leviathan is today, they are all subject to radical change from within. A renegade in the right position could bring it down -- for the better.   I speculated on this in 2008.

Please see my most recent movie Madness 2020 for details.

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