Friday, September 4, 2020

Why I want Big Government and you should too!

The deafening silence of the mainstream media over the CDC’s admission that only 6% of COVID patients died of COVID-only is hardly shocking.  They seem on-board with everything that brings this country to complete destruction — a terrorized and submissive population being a crucial element — and they will not allow facts to stand in the way.  

But there is silence on another issue that is even worse.  

Most likely you’re reading this on some digital device — smartphone, tablet, or computer.  You know in a general sense where your device came from: The free market.  The same could be said about uncountable numbers of other things that didn’t exist in nature as such, but were painstakingly and ingeniously derived from nature and marketed for consumer satisfaction.  A simple pencil is one such commodity. 

The free market serves the consumer — you and me.  Consumers are the “real bosses” in the capitalist system, as Mises expressed it.  But of course you knew that.

Are there limitations to the free market?  Do consumers have needs or desires that the free market cannot fulfill in principle?  Sure, it can produce a pencil, though no one knows exactly how, but can it protect consumers from fraud, theft, murder, and foreign invasion, for example, and do so at an affordable price?  Robert P. Murphy thinks it can.  Edward Stringham, arguing for private governance, blames overly pessimistic views of removing state predation for hiding “the unseen beauty that underpins markets.” 

Can the free market provide sound money? Put another way, can sound money arise from something other than trade, such as from the heads of 12 unelected bureaucrats in control of a legal counterfeiting racket? The question almost answers itself, but if you need help consult Rothbard

. . . if we wish to eliminate government invasion of person and property, we have no more important task than to explore the ways and means of a free market in money.

Can the free market protect you from disease or make you well when protection breaks down?  Though we do a myriad of things to prolong our life and improve our health, we will eventually graduate beyond our biological bodies, according to futurist Ray Kurzweil, as we approach the technological Singularity.  

Before the middle of this century, the growth rates of our technology—which will be indistinguishable from ourselves—will be so steep as to appear essentially vertical. From a strictly mathematical perspective, the growth rates will still be finite but so extreme that the changes they bring about will appear to rupture the fabric of human history. That, at least, will be the perspective of unenhanced biological humanity.

The Singularity will represent the culmination of the merger of our biological thinking and existence with our technology, resulting in a world that is still human but that transcends our biological roots. There will be no distinction, post-Singularity, between human and machine or between physical and virtual reality. If you wonder what will remain unequivocally human in such a world, it’s simply this quality: ours is the species that inherently seeks to extend its physical and mental reach beyond current limitations.

Is this Singularity inevitable?  Unless we “repeal capitalism and every vestige of economic competition,” it is, according to Kurzweil.

This and much more is discussed in great detail in his seminal The Singularity is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology.  For those wondering whether I’m quoting an unreliable source, consider that most of his predictions to date have proven either fully correct or essentially correct.  For more about the accuracy of his predictions and the exponential thesis underlying his methodology, see "How My Predictions Are Faring" and “The dawn of the singularity, a visual timeline of Ray Kurzweil’s predictions.”

Can the free market protect you from domestic invasion?  Can it safeguard your life and property from state-directed hordes of armed thugs?  Here the answer is no.  The State, with its monopoly on legal violence, makes this impossible.  

Most people, I would say, think of the State in all its forms (local, state, and federal) as their government.  We should not think this way, given what the unhampered market can do.  We need to view the free market as our true government, one that has been violated by an intruder, the State.  Thus, if the State can be removed, the full power of freedom will prevail.  We will have, in a real sense, a Big Government consisting of a fully free market.  

How do we remove the State?  We start by declaring our goal is the free market, without the State.  If enough people cast their vote for a free market, instead of State rulers, we will be heard.  We will make a difference.

To this end I’ve produced a 10-minute movie calling on viewers to vote for a free market if they agree with the ideas it presents.  It’s a simple thumbs-up on YouTube.  For those who have already seen it and didn’t vote, please indicate your support (or not) by voting.  This is a chance to make your vote count, at least in the long run, but possibly, given today’s chaos, not so long.  
George Ford Smith is the author of nine books, including The Flight of the Barbarous RelicEyes of Fire: Thomas Paine and the American Revolution, and The Fall of Tyranny, the Rise of Liberty.  He is also a filmmaker whose latest work discusses the possibility of a free market government, Do Not Consent: Think OUTSIDE the voting Booth.

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