Friday, November 26, 2010

Give gold & silver coins this Christmas

For those on your shopping list who seem to have everything, consider giving them gold or silver coins.  Even if they have nothing, giving them gold and silver would be thoughtful, though they might appreciate getting something useful as well.  I have experience with only one company, but compared to the rules others have imposed on sales of gold & silver this one I can recommend for people who don't have a lot of money to invest.  The company I've dealt with is Camino Coin of Burlingame, California.  Call them at (800)-348-8001 and ask to speak to someone about buying bullion coins.  Once you reach an agreement about what to buy, they will give you a total price, including any shipping charges, along with a contract number.  You then write a check for that amount and get it in the mail within 24 hours.  Once it clears they will fill your order and ship it registered mail in thoroughly secure packaging.

Not many people alive today have held real gold or silver coins in their hands.  If your gift recipients need educating on the significance of commodity money, consider giving them a book or two to go along with the coins.  See my home page for recommendations.

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Tyrone said...

I might have to check out Camino Coin. They're just down the road a bit from me.

I've used APMEX, JT Coins, and Colorado Gold. Some friends use Gainesville Coin a lot.

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