Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mogambo sounds off

He sounds off on -- what else? The Fed and its product, which we're all forced to accept as a stand-in for wealth. He never lets up, nor should he until the damn Fed and its paper currency are gone forever. As Mogambo tells us in one breath, the party started
in 1971 when Nixon severed the dollar/gold link, and especially since 1987 when Alan Greenspan took over the Federal Reserve, and doubly-especially since 1997 when this same moron named Alan Greenspan lost his freaking mind and really started creating excess credit in the banks, and triply especially since 2008 when that raving lunatic bastard, Ben Bernanke, took over at the damned Federal Reserve and really, really, really started to create money by the trillions of dollars, using some of it to actually buy up worthless, dog-crap assets and the rest to buy government bonds so that the commie rats in the White House and Congress could continue to deficit-spend us into bankruptcy, a budget deficit which now approaches 12% of GDP, but which they had to do since they could not stop partying once they got started, or the whole rotten financial structure, made out of cards, erected on a bed of sand, on borrowed money, at huge degrees of leverage, collapses, the currency collapses, finally ending up with bread going up in price so much that nobody can afford to eat, and everybody tragically starves to death in a huge, horrible inflation in prices caused by the incredible inflation in the money supply, except the people who have gold, silver and oil.

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