Thursday, June 4, 2009

SC Court orders Sanford to take loot

According to AP writer Jim Davenport:
South Carolina's Supreme Court ordered Gov. Mark Sanford on Thursday to take $700 million in federal stimulus money aimed primarily at struggling schools.The decision brings a likely end to months of wrangling between the nation's most vocal anti-bailout governor and legislators who accused him of playing politics with people's lives.The Republican governor had refused to take the money designated for the state over the next two years, even after legislators passed a budget requiring him to do so. He became the first governor to defend in court his desire to reject money from Washington.
Evidently the SC Supremes have not read Bastiat, Woods, or Murphy. But then, neither have Obama and his team of economic wizards. For the political class -- Governor Sanford and Congressman Paul excepted -- this is no time to get academic and make a fuss over something like economic law. Printing money has always and everywhere led to economic calamity, but that's not a practical consideration apparently.

It will soon be painfully obvious who's been playing politics with people's lives.

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