Thursday, January 7, 2021

The nightmare is upon us

Yesterday, January 6, President Trump delivered a powerful speech on the White House lawn. Trump is mostly a great cheerleader. He says things a lot of people like to hear. Free marketers rightfully cringe at many of his comments. But that's nothing compared to what they hear from his political opponents.

He did not lay out a plan for gaining legitimate control of the federal government. Voting should have worked but it didn't.  Even if he had a plan it would've been a mistake to talk about it then. His audience, which was massive, wanted to hear more about the fraud that stole their votes. He gave it to them.

(How do honest people beat cheaters? They don't. If they're smart they have nothing to do with them. But politics demands participation if only for self-defense. So they have to participate and in doing so lose. Biden boasted about their fraudulent system, and for once he was right. It will get more sophisticated, more resistant to deciphering.)

After the speech Trump was to lead them to the Capitol to get the attention of Congress. I did not see him personally walking the streets or in any other manner head to the Capitol. But a great many of his followers did walk there and the police opened the gates to let them pass.  

From what I have found so far, none of the protesters were armed. But when they got inside the Capitol building members of Congress, including Pence, scurried for their lives instead of confronting the people who had been cheated. 

When one reads about stolen votes the people who have been cheated are not brought out front and center. You don't see their faces. Yesterday we got to see some of their faces. They brought themselves out front and center, and someone shot a woman in the neck, and she bled to death. Witnesses say the shooter was wearing a suit, shooting through a window from below on the other side of a wall. I didn't see any protestors in suits. The victim, Ashli Babbitt, was a married 14-year Air Force veteran from San Diego. I would think she would qualify as a true patriot, meaning someone who, being a member of the military, was prepared to put her life on the line defending the Constitution. She was doing exactly that when she was murdered.  

When Congress reconvened there was no talk of a fraudulent election. No, sir -- they had seen the real soul of the Deplorables. Before the break-in we heard some of them using their powers of persuasion describing the fraud that happened in certain states, particularly with regard to the assertion that only state legislatures could change voting rules, which in the contested states did not happen. After the protesters were cleared all that talk vanished. We heard indignant vows that this country would not tolerate violence as a means to overturn a legitimate election. In other words we heard the hypocrites lie, one after another, RINOs and Democrats. 

The nightmare is upon us. Leftists have always believed the end justifies the means. They have now got what they wanted in the way they believed in. Candace Owens was right when she said their dog was going to eat them someday.

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