Sunday, December 13, 2020

Save the Election!

In my recent posts I’ve advocated government by the free market — not anarchism — which is the market minus the state.  Can it work?  Let’s find out.  The current government model is sinking rapidly into the sewer, as the fraudulent election and other dark measures await us in the near future.  Free market government strikes me as plausible given that the market can already meet any human need or desire if allowed to do so.  As for defense, police, and the courts, those infamous monopolies of the state, there is every likelihood that the market could infinitely improve the state’s record.  It certainly could do no worse.

Attaining free market government begins by raising your hand.  Let the world know you want it.  You vote, in other words, for a stateless free market.  Here’s one way you can do it.

Step two, for us here in the US, is to fight like mad for a fair 2020 presidential election.  

We could throw our hands up and let the state die from lies, debt, and corruption, and then attempt to establish a free market from the smoldering ruins.  The problem there is we would likely be part of those ruins.  Most people don’t have access to a Galt’s Gulch.

Another consideration is the great unknown if the Democrats capture the White House. Some sober-sounding analysts are not worried because there isn’t the budget for more liberty-crushing legislation, besides which if just one Republican wins a Senate seat in Georgia on January 5 we will have lovely gridlock, at least in theory.  (As we’re reminded over and over, RINOs are indistinguishable from Democrats when it comes to lying for the Establishment.) 

But this is overlooking the purpose of the Democrat plan.  It would be nice to steal the Georgia election but it isn’t necessary.  Biden could lock the country down with an Executive Order until it’s impossible to make a living.  Bring some troops home to quell the riots.  Re-education camps for some, more violent means for others.  He’s not a dictator, he and his female co-conspirator are Time’s Person of the Year, he’s acting courageously, he’s trying to save as many of us as he can from the terrible covid.  Think it wouldn’t work or he wouldn’t do it?  He’s already got a compliant mask-wearing populace waiting to be told what to do.  He would simply be acting on a memo from on high because crushing the US economy is part of the Great Socialist Reset.

But there’s a threat lingering in the wings that could upset these plans.  Given the extent of Establishment corruption and cowardice, it’s a long shot but Trump could still win.  And he should win.  There is a way to recalculate the election fast based on legitimate votes, and it doesn’t require an advanced degree in computer science, forensics, or statistics to understand it.  It’s rightfully being promoted as neither pro-Trump nor pro-Biden but as a quick and clear means to identify and count the legitimate votes.  The science is low-tech, which means it will take enormous evasion for a judge to dismiss it.  

Here’s a video explaining how it works.

Aside from this, though I’m not a lawyer I believe a case can be made that any election using electronic voting machines that include in its user manual a feature allowing an operator to “manually type-in the election results” should be rendered null and void on the grounds that it opens the door to fraudulent tabulation.  (See Section Manual Entry, p. 118.)  

Save the election, and don’t forget to vote — for the free market.

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