Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Common Sense 2021

For nearly two years we have been fed a narrative that’s been false and confusing.  The only part not confusing is what all of the confusion tells us.   

For this reason I not only reject the vaccines, I reject the entire covid scenario as a plan to destroy what’s left of Western culture and the free market economy.  As I’ve written earlier, we are under attack.  Governments local and national are criminalizing individual rights, sabotaging the economy, and generally threatening our lives.

Of all the wrongs authorities have committed since the virus became newsworthy, two in particular have convinced me this “crisis” is about power, not public health: (1) Failure to pull the vaccines when they started injuring and killing people, and (2) the push to get everyone vaccinated, negating our freedom to decide for ourselves.

But the evidence of criminality goes well beyond these two.  It reads like a terrifying Robin Cook novel, only worse because it’s true. 

1.  Covid testing, covid “cases,” and covid deaths have all been manipulated, creating panic among the populace.  The deeply flawed test creates a high number of false cases, giving the media alarming numbers to report.  People who needed hospitalization for any reason often found themselves classified as covid cases so hospitals could get more money from the government.  

2.  Hospital covid protocols upped the level of terror.  Family members were kept isolated from patients, who sometimes said their final farewells with an iPad. 

3.  Authorities used the panic to impose unprecedented measures such as the wearing of masks, shutting down businesses they regarded as non-essential, social distancing, and stay-at-home orders.  Who has the authority to order any of this?  The results have been devastating.  Media places the blame on the virus, not the politicians, who themselves often violated their decrees.

4.  Early treatments that some physicians found effective in treating covid were, and still are, attacked as quackery, with the treating physicians ostracized and in some cases fired.  

5.  The FDA could give EUA to vaccines only if effective treatments didn’t exist.  Given the multi-billion-dollar profit potential of vaccines and the low cost of effective off-label treatments, it’s no mystery why HCQ, ivermectin and other early treatments got dumped on.  It’s as if profit potential didn’t exist or was irrelevant.  

6.  So-called prestigious journals, The Lancet and the NEJM, attacked HCQ with studies later revealed to be another hoax.  When the very best engage in deception, what happens to trust?  Yet the media let them off the hook.  

7.  The vaccines were rushed to market in a few months rather than the usual 10-12 years, and are of an experimental nature rather than traditional vaccines.  Long-term effects are unknown, and certain groups, such as pregnant women, were not tested.  Vaccine makers have been conveniently indemnified. Yet, the push continues to get everyone vaccinated.  What’s in those vaccines they’re so anxious for us to have?

8.  When a few courageous people attempted to get ivermectin for their patients or hospitalized loved ones, the resistance of gatekeepers made it all but impossible.  And it continues today.  It often took a judge’s order to save a life with ivermectin.  Even with a judge’s order pharmacies did their part by slow-walking the prescription.

9.  Today, October 2021, the word is mandates.  The whole world must take the jab. Yet mandates were repeatedly denied earlier.  If there is no agenda behind the campaign to vaccinate against a yet-to-be isolated virus not significantly worse than the annual flu — a flu that mysteriously disappeared in 2020 — why the mandates?  

10.  As the vaccine rollout continued, several things became alarmingly clear but only to “conspiracy theorists,” among whom are some of the most highly credentialed and experienced medical professionals in the world.  Vaccine injuries and deaths were accelerating far beyond what previous vaccines had incurred.  Any other vaccine would have been pulled long ago, but covid gets a pass.  Why?  

11.  OSHA is discouraging the reporting of vaccine injuries and deaths because it might create vaccine hesitancy.  Come again?  That’s the purpose of the system, and OSHA is explicitly sabotaging it.  And we see public acquiescence, not outrage.

12.  Health care workers who have filed reports in VAERS tell us the system itself is frustrating and time-consuming to use..  A study conducted from 12/01/07 - 09/30/10 found that “fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported” in VAERS.  If the CDC were actually concerned with the public’s health, wouldn’t it make sense to upgrade VAERS and encourage people to use it?

13.  While initially denying many times that vaccine mandates would be forthcoming, governments pressured employers, as well as its own agencies, to require vaccination as a requirement of employment.  As health care workers have repeatedly told us, they have been in the trenches treating covid patients for 18 months without a vaccine, but now they’re told get the jab or get fired.   

14.  The one installed as president of the United States declared that the unvaccinated are the root cause of the country’s problems.  The facts contradict him, and he surely must know it.  “Natural immunity offers exponentially more protection than vaccines,” according to Harvard epidemiologist Martin Kulldorff, and many unvaccinated now have natural immunity.  

15.  Ivermectin in the US continues to be a forbidden word while other countries such as India, Peru, and Mexico, not under pharmaceutical control, have mass-distributed it with huge success, both in terms of reduced illness and death as well as cost.  Why isn’t this headline news?  

16.  A year ago people who dared step out of their houses wore masks, waiting for the vaccine to free them.  Today, they’re still masked-up even though many have natural immunity or have taken the vaccine.  Why the masks when they’ve been shown to be harmful

17.  The latest assault is the upcoming vaccination of kids, the group virtually immune from serious effects of the illness.  Some schools are requiring vaccination as a condition of attendance.  Are vaccinated, mask-wearing parents going to put their kids in harm’s way?


You don’t need advanced medical training to see what’s going on.  Ordinary common sense will do, and a common sense analysis tells us there are powerful forces working against our interests.  If more people wake up, we can defeat this nefarious conspiracy and build a better world of our own.

Society in every state is a blessing, but Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one. . .

 — Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776

George Ford Smith is the author of nine books, including The Flight of the Barbarous Relic, a novel about a renegade Fed chairman.  He is also a filmmaker whose works include Do Not Consent- Think OUTSIDE the voting booth, Last Day, and Risky Pinch Hitter.

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