Friday, April 30, 2021

Priorities and noise

With the political Left in power and the political Right pleading for compromise and counting on the sanctity of the Senate filibuster, the West’s nosedive into oblivion proceeds along a well-traveled path.   In voting it’s who counts the votes that matter, so it is with tax laws: it’s who writes them that dictates whose ox will be gored. 

Political theft in the form of higher taxes on the Haves will help satisfy the envy of the Have-Nots, at least as far as they can figure out.  The Haves at the top of the wealth pyramid have always assisted in the drafting of the stealth laws that supposedly transfer money from their accounts to the pockets of the hapless unfortunates, who consume it greedily with thinning additives from the economic scientists at the Eccles Building.  And this is why, as Gary North has frequently pointed out, the 20/80 Pareto rule never varies by much: “About 20% of the population in every European nation [Vilfredo Paredo studied in 1897] owned 80% of the wealth.  This is a power law. The same pyramid of wealth continues up the pyramid. About 4% (.2 x 20%) own 64% (.8 x 80%) of the wealth. About .8% (.2 x 4%) own 51% (.8 x 64%) of the wealth.”  It was true then, it is true today.  It will still be true after any tax reform legislation.

If Pat Buchanan’s assessment is correct — that Biden’s spending plans represent “a claim on the nation’s wealth equal to 30% of GDP — a figure comparable to FDR’s New Deal and LBJ’s Great Society,” then we can expect another FDR or LBJ war in the near future, likely with Russia, to distract from the build-back-better that’s throttling the economy.  Of course, if one or both superpowers begins throwing nuclear haymakers, one hypothesis of the Fermi Paradox will have proven itself convincingly — that when “intelligent” life reaches a certain stage it will self-destruct, leaving no one to receive radio signals from Little Green Men.  More precisely, when not-so-intelligent life grabs power, as it has done, it will wipe out everything.  All life, everywhere, on the planet it inhabits.

I have written about a solution to the State-as-necessary viewpoint, calling for a free market without the State, but have yet to make a significant dent in the blinkered conviction that as bad as the State might get, having no State is worse.  

Really?  A kidnapper, thief, counterfeiter, mass murderer, and liar is necessary?  Do you associate voluntarily with such people?  How many market entrepreneurs are hoping for a nuclear showdown with their competitors?

In The Fall of Tyranny, the Rise of Liberty I argued that the technological exponential that began with life itself and which Ray Kurzweil masterfully presents favors freedom and free markets.  While the State and its allies are doing everything in their power to turn technology against us, they will eventually fail.  They will fail because of the unsound economic system they’ve created, especially the fiat money contaminating its base.   

Someday, our lives will be in our hands, without overlords.  Don’t tell me you’re old and won’t see it. I’m probably older, and I’m counting on it. 

The year 2020 is notable for unprecedented growth in power over our lives.  From governments, to the medical profession, to your local stores, they all demanded obedience to their mandates of face coverings and distance from others, with exceptions for Leftist rioters.  The hope that a vaccine will set us free has not happened.  We have to set ourselves free by taking care of our health.  

You think the vaccine is the holy grail?  This writer spells it out in well-documented detail: Why I Won't Be Getting the Vaccine.  In his case, he argues that since he’s already had Covid, he’s immune and doesn’t need to be a subject in a shaky vaccine experiment.  

I argue, as do many others, that there many low-risk alternatives to achieving immunity or to restore one’s health in case of infection.  Vitamins, clean food, and daily exercise are my “vaccine.”  Vitamins, especially vitamin D3, vitamin C, vitamin B1 (Thiamine), vitamin K, zinc, zinc ionophores such as hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and quercetin, selenium, and the mineral magnesium are essential aids in maintaining or restoring good health.  

The foregoing links all originate from  

If you’ve been paying attention you know about the hostility to demonstrably-effective Covid treatments such as HCQ and ivermectin.  With the exception of vitamin D, the hostility is equally intense against vitamin/mineral therapies, so it is difficult to find articles endorsing their use. is one of the few sources of researched information about vitamins, health, and Covid.  

Or it has been.  The level of hostility against Mercola is such that coming Monday May 3, he will be removing all articles related to vitamin D, C, zinc, and Covid.  Download them while you can.

In this world we need to set priorities.  Can you think of any reason not to make good health your top priority?  I can’t.  Don’t let the State’s perpetual political noise keep you from jogging or working out, or eating right.  You can’t control your life without first taking control of your health.  


George Ford Smith is the author of nine books, including The Flight of the Barbarous Relic, Eyes of Fire: Thomas Paine and the American Revolutionand The Fall of Tyranny, the Rise of LibertyHe is also a filmmaker whose works include Do Not Consent- Think OUTSIDE the voting booth, Breaking Free from 2020, Last Day, and Risky Pinch Hitter.

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