Friday, June 19, 2020

Rock the boat? Hell, yes!

Below is the preface of my new book, Do Not Consent: Think OUTSIDE the Voting Booth, in which I argue that the first step in removing state depredations from your life is to approve the removal of the state from your life.   

For those who think freedom can only exist in the privacy of their thoughts and has no chance in the real world consider that a voice for freedom was elected to the governor’s office in South Dakota in 2018.  In many respects Governor Noem reminds one of Ron Paul, and as with anyone opposing the narrative of state supremacy she’s routinely pilloried in the media.  

Keep in mind the voters who elected Dr. Paul and Ms. Noem didn’t have the option to “vote” outside the state’s elections, where they could publicly express their wish for government by market forces only, with the state relegated to political history.  Even the rare appearance of freedom candidates such as Paul and Noem exist at the state’s discretion.

“If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.”
--  Emma Goldman


This is not a book promoting armed revolution or even peaceful secession.

It’s a book urging people to stand up for their right to be free, free from legal coercion — free from government depredation.

If you don’t want to be bossed around any longer, say so.  Say so publicly.  Make it known in a poll.

Civilization does not depend on rule by “guns and badges.”

Civilization does not depend on voting the “right” politicians into office.

Civilization does not depend on high or low taxes.

Civilization depends on whether some people have the legal authority to coerce others.

Today’s governments claim the right to coerce us.  They do so by passing and enforcing coercive laws — such as high or low taxes.

Did you personally give someone this right?  If you’re a voter in government elections, you did.

By voting, you also gave government permission to conscript men into the armed forces, many of whom were not allowed to vote because of their age.

By voting, you give government permission to continue kidnapping and imprisoning foreigners without charging them with specific crimes, as it does at the Pentagon’s and CIA’s torture center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

By voting, you give political candidates the right to renege on their campaign promises, something you would never do in your business affairs.

By voting, you keep alive the war and kidnapping machine established by the National Security Act after World War II.

By voting, you authorize the creation of secretive and oppressive federal agencies such as the FBI, IRS, CIA, NSA, and DHS.

By voting, you raise no objections to the “monetary policies” of the central bank called the Federal Reserve, an absolutely essential institution for a welfare/warfare state, given its monopoly status as a creator of money out of thin air, a defining trait of counterfeiting.

By voting, you continue to fund public schooling, the government’s indoctrination program for the young.

And through your best intentions as voters, you raise no challenge to an organization, the state itself, that has an exclusive monopoly on legal coercion and which has used that power in defiance of written law to increase its control over your life — using your money.

Do you get the feeling something’s not right?  I hope so.

What if we could dump government as it exists by telling it to go away?  Shoo!  Go away, get lost!  Get out of the war racket.  Quit trying to run the economy.  Quit stealing.  Quit supporting special interests.  Drop your bankrupt welfare programs.  Give private charity a chance to breathe.  Get a real job, start a business.

And I’m not talking about putting “none of the above” on ballots.

Even if government allowed “none of the above” you would still be voting inside the box of government authority.

What if that same poll gave people the opportunity to give a thumbs-up for market-based government, with security provided by private protection agencies governed by the forces of competition and profit and loss?

What if more than a handful of people wanted this?

What if a large percentage of people wanted this?

What if their “votes” out-tallied the votes for the winning presidential candidate?

Do you think we would be closer to getting rid of coercive government?

Right now it’s just a dream.  And some of you would say it’s only a dream.  No reality to it.  We live in a great country, why risk radical change?  Let’s stay the course.  Vote in the government’s elections.  Hope for the best.

Don’t rock the boat.

The rest of this book will argue that the course is a bad one that will get worse.

Staying the course is staying on a sinking ship with no lifeboats aboard.

Give me your attention for a few pages.   You might agree.  You might want to rock the hell out of the boat.

George Ford Smith is the author of nine books, all of which can be found on Amazon.  Do Not Consent is his latest book and will be the basis of a movie under the same title, available on Amazon Prime and his YouTube channel in late July.

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