Monday, November 7, 2016

What I like about Donald Trump

I like Trump’s in-your-face rhetoric. 

I like that he’s sticking it to the Establishment, even if he did say nice things about CFR president Richard Haass.   

I like that he includes the counterfeiter-in-chief Janet Yellen in the Establishment.  

I like that Ron Paul said Trump favors auditing the Fed.  Auditing the Fed will audit the state.

I like that he promises to “end government corruption and take the country back from special interests,” even if he stands almost no chance of doing so.   

I like his response to Hillary’s charge that he didn’t pay taxes — “That makes me smart.”  Actually, I love that response.  Can you imagine Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney or any other Establishment candidate having the balls to say that publicly, let alone during a national debate?

I like that he’s not a member, much less a leading member, of a gang such as the Clinton Foundation.  

I like that he’s exposed the media as the Establishment lapdog that it is.  

I like that he might win even with the media working overtime for his defeat.

I like that he claims the election is rigged in his Establishment opponent’s favor.

I like that the polls show him in a close race with his Establishment opponent. 

I like that The Economist, a “respectable” statist organ, said “[Trump] must be stopped.”  

I like that no one has ever accused Trump of being Politically Correct.

I like that the PC crowd has reacted in horror at Trump’s statements.

I like that Trump has offended leading lights across the entire political spectrum.  

I like that Trump said Vladimir Putin has been a better leader than Obama. 

I like that Trump said the US can’t afford to be the world’s policeman. 

I don’t know Trump personally.  Even with Trump’s shortcomings in economic understanding, an Austrian school economist still gives his proposed policies a passing grade.   But once elected, then what?  He could be disastrous.  

Nevertheless, what I’ve just named are things I like about him.

My hope for this election is that it will someday be viewed as a tipping point in the death of government-as-we-know-it.  

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