Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Capes for the Unemployed

Government has all kinds of wonderful ways for fighting unemployment, don't you know?  With over one million Floridians currently out of work, Workforce Central Florida has launched a $73,000 tax-funded campaign called "Cape-A-Bility Challenge" that includes spending $14,200 to hand out roughly 6,000 red superhero capes to the unemployed and another $2,300 on foam cutouts of "Dr. Evil Unemployment."  Executive Director of Workforce Central Florida, Gary Earl, defended the campaign with these words:
The plight of the unemployed is why we exist, and to help them, we have to engage them, introduce them to our services and connect them with job opportunities.
And Ayn Rand was accused of exaggerating the depravity of her villains.

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