Monday, January 18, 2010

Government debt-holders

On LRC today, Bill Sardi published a chart and explanatory comments taken from CNBC about the ownership of the federal government's debt. Here's the breakdown:
Federal Reserve + intra-governmental holdings $4.785 TRILLION
Mutual funds $769.1 billion
China (additional $99.8 billion from Hong Kong) $776.4 billion
Japan $711.8 billion
Other investors $629.7 billion
State and local governments $516.9–$550.3 billion
Pension funds $456.4 billion
United Kingdom $214 billion
Oil exporters $191 billion
Caribbean banking centers $189.7 billion
Brazil $126–$158 billion
Insurance companies $126.4 billion
Russia $119.9 billion
Depository Institutions $107.3 billion
Luxembourg $104.2 billion
I apologize for the lack of alignment in the table, but blogger won't let me line the numbers up evenly. Should we be shocked that the Fed is the number one debt buyer? And what constitutes "other intra-governmental holdings"?

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