Saturday, January 17, 2009

A government-run bank?

A top adviser to Obama, who takes office on Tuesday, said a fresh approach to the crisis would be unveiled in coming days. A person familiar with the thinking of Obama's team said his administration was considering setting up a government-run bank to acquire bad assets clogging the financial system.
Further on:
In addition to steps to bolster banks, Obama officials want to aggressively attack the underlying causes of the credit crisis, David Axelrod, a top adviser to Obama, told Reuters.
Attack the underlying causes? Does that mean put an end to fiat inflation, legal tender laws, and fractional-reserve banking? Not quite:
"What we have to do is approach this with a lot more transparency on the front end," Axelrod said about what he called a revamped financial rescue package.

"Only a handful of times in our history has a generation been confronted with challenges so vast," Obama said as he began a train trip from Philadelphia to Washington three days before his inauguration.

Obama has vowed to spend hundreds of billions of dollars to jolt the country out of a deepening recession.

Apparently, the reason we're in this crisis is because government hasn't spent as much as it should. Now there's a fresh approach that attacks the underlying causes!

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